2×16: Indeskribable

2×16: Indeskribable

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Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which the Samsung Galaxy S5 is too big (unless it’s too small), it’s certainly too old (unless we’re too old), and:

  • [00:02:00] News: DJI make over-the-air firmware updates for their drones mandatory, community spend only an hour working out how to circumvent it, 59 minutes of which was watching the eclipse… Stuart still harping on about being “forced” to listen to a U2 album one time years ago… the new Android Oreo release is out, along with the now traditional news blitz of articles explaining why you don’t have it and how to force it anyway… how big your phone ought to be and intemperate rhetoric thereof… Github CEO Chris Wanstrath steps down to spend more time with his text editor, help find new CEO to “lead Github into the next stage of growth”…
  • [00:24:45] Jeremy reviews the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk from Fully, along with a bunch of discussion about whether standing desks as a whole are actually worth it and what the feature set you really need is
  • [00:41:10] What’s the deal with AI and robots? On our forum, paulgault talked about killer robots and asked: “will mankind terminate itself with its own creations?” We’ll get into that, AI, and what this all means for our jobs and the future of the species. It’s a big topic, this one. (And we’d love to hear your thoughts on it too.)

Extra music by bensound.com. Artwork by David Revoy.

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