1×65: Soft Bricking

1×65: Soft Bricking

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Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which we have now basically become a show about guitars, there is a great deal of argument and fighting about whether companies screw us because they’re incompetent or because they’re evil, and also:

  • 00:02:20 Nest decide to remotely shut down purchasers’ Revolv home hubs with minimal notice. The internet gets very cross. Nest begrudingly decide to give refunds. Is this a harbinger of bad things to come, where devices we buy require an online service for no reason and stop working because the company get bored? Or is this just the price we pay for having new stuff which can be controlled from anywhere and update on the fly? Where’s the consortium awarding “this doesn’t shut down if the company does” brand marks?
  • 00:31:55 Jono reviews the MOD Duo stompbox, a multi-effect guitar pedal funded on Kickstarter and based on Linux and open source software
  • 00:45:19 To answer our questions about the MOD Duo, we talk to company founder Gianfranco Ceccolini about the software and hardware inside the box and their views on openness
  • 01:02:15 How do we attract the next generation of open source enthusiasts? Do we need to, or are we beyond that now? What’s stopping this happening?

Also, Bryan is speaking at LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, USA on April 23rd/24th 2016, and Stuart is at Fosstalk in London, UK on August 6th with other Linux podcasters, if you want to buy them drinks or expensive laptops or something!

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