1×46: A Target of Derision

1×46: A Target of Derision

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Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which a thing is hotter than the sun, the chap who now runs Microsoft is cruelly misnamed for comedy purposes, and:

  • 00:01:27 After Linus Torvalds asks kernel devs to take a break so he can too and articles start popping up about what Linux looks like after Linus, we ask: what would happen? Does this look like the changes that happen at tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple? Would we users be affected at all?
  • 00:21:28 Jono reviews the NXR Stainless Steel 7-Burner 80,000-BTU Propane Gas Grill
  • 00:37:20 Google. Everybody uses at least some of their services, and some of us use an awful lot of them. Bryan has been exploring what it takes to leave Google entirely, how to do the move, and what to use instead: how easy has it been so far? Why do this? And where does one go?

Also, we’re going to take questions. Send us a question you want to ask the team to [email protected]; it might be about something we’ve discussed on this show, or about anything else you want, and we’ll choose the best question and answer it in each show!

See details of Bad Voltage Live, in Fulda, Germany on September 30th 2015, at badvoltage.org/live, and go get your tickets to see the show!

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