1×36: Bad Voltage Live at SCaLE 2015

1×36: Bad Voltage Live at SCaLE 2015

Posted by on Thursday, February 26, 2015 in Development, Linux, Open Source, Reviews, Shows, Technology |

We present the first Bad Voltage live show! Performed at SCaLE 13x in Los Angeles, with the help of the SCaLE team, sponsors System76 and Acelio, and prizes from System76, Pogolinux and Owncloud, our very first live show on stage is available to watch as a video! See the full video of the show at YouTube!

Also including fantastic work from Ilan and Gareth from the SCaLE organising team dressed as clowns, some Creme Eggs, some shots of Fireball, three hundred glowsticks, all the Jorge Castro you could ever want, a modesty-preserving towel to save all our eyes from the horror, and:

  • Developer Mode Linux: should the Linux desktop have a “developer mode” which you need to turn on to get access to hardcore technical things such as root access or a Terminal or performance information?
  • Wrong In 60 Seconds, the finale: the audience compete to rant most successfully to win a System76 Galago Pro laptop
  • The Bad Voltage Challenge: the four presenters start a battle royale to see who’s the best at collecting videos, technical knowledge, and poetry
  • The Ubuntu phone: is it bollocks? We discuss with the audience how the newly-released device stacks up against the other open-source challengers to the mobile market
  • Q&A: we answer your questions, and a truly horrible act is performed
  • The long-promised, long-awaited shampoo review

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