3×61: A Room of Dalmatians

3×61: A Room of Dalmatians

Posted by on Saturday, August 26, 2023 in Gaming, Linux, News, Open Source, Shows, Technology |

Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which we revisit an old friend, Room 101, the place where all the things we hate should be banished. At least according to each of us: whether the other two can be so convinced is another thing entirely…

  • [00:04:07] Jono: All videoconferencing except Zoom
  • [00:11:04] Stuart: overly chummy email spam
  • [00:16:16] Jeremy: Influencers
  • [00:19:59] Jono: Marketing Gurus
  • [00:25:07] Stuart: “we are experiencing unusually high call volumes”
  • [00:29:26] Jeremy: Mozilla
  • [00:37:55] Jono: Men who wear scarves inside
  • [00:42:16] Stuart: “join our discord”
  • [00:45:25] Jeremy: a secret extra!

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

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