2×46: A Giant Loser

2×46: A Giant Loser

Posted by on Thursday, January 24, 2019 in Gaming, Linux, News, Open Source, Politics, Shows, Social Media, Technology |

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we look forward for the year and describe what we think will happen in tech in 2019! Our predictions are:

  • Jono:
    • These companies will IPO: Uber (the largest IPO ever), Peloton, Lyft, Slack, Cloudflare
    • Netflix will start selling films/programmes for a one-off cost, not part of your Netflix subscription, a la, Amazon Prime, or…
    • Netflix will launch a streaming gaming service
    • Jim Whitehurst will be announced as IBM CEO
    • Zuckerberg will no longer be Facebook CEO (half a point of whining for this), and Sheryl Sandberg will be CEO
    • Facebook Spaces will continue to be a thing nobody cares about
  • Stuart:
    • A CEO will be fired for a data breach
    • The world finally embraces USB-C
    • The first high-profile deepfake video (not porn; politics or celebrity somehow) will happen and mislead people
    • The world will not care at all about folding phones
  • Jeremy:
    • The US will pass at least one major nationwide piece of privacy legislation (akin to the GDPR or similar)
    • The US goes into a recession (by someone’s definition, for example two consecutive quarters of decline, or the NBER’s definition)
    • Foldable phones will outsell true 5G phones, despite the latter getting much more hype
    • Sheryl Sanderg steps down from Facebook to become the CEO of Disney
    • The PS5 will not ship in 2019

Now it’s your turn to get involved! What we want you to do is go to community.badvoltage.org and tell us which one of our predictions is most likely to happen, which one is least likely to happen, and one of your own!

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