2×36: Open Cooks

2×36: Open Cooks

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Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which we know what time it is, maybe we should set up a startup called Votr, yet another Google Pixel goes in the toilet, and:

  • [00:02:18] Some time ago, Jono and Stuart built BBQPad, a service to track your barbecue cooks, and now we’re closing it down. But we’d like to open source the code, maybe see a new community grow around it, so… how do we best do that? What do we do about the licence? Maybe someone out there is interested in taking it on? We’ll cover our thoughts on what we’re doing here
  • [00:17:50] Patrick Volkerding from Slackware is having some financial problems, and Cassidy Blaede is going full time on Elementary; some thoughts on the perennial topic of how open source projects get money, and what this might mean for each of these OSes
  • [00:44:08] ARM Chromebooks, and how installing Linux on them is nowhere near as trivial as you may have thought
  • [00:52:08] News: Android 9, “Pie”, is released, and the first phone to get it is Jeremy’s Essential PH1, rather surprisingly … The American FCC admits that the “hack” that they claimed happened to their comment system over net neutrality never actually happened, blames the previous CIO … Google Pixel 3 is coming in October and specs are now out there, including a “Pixel Stand” which basically turns your phone into a Google Home … the name of Palm rises from the dead with a new upcoming phone, the attractively-named PVG100, which is just running Android, after HP sold Palm in 2014 … West Virginia in the US plan to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections, via the services of a startup called, depressingly, Voatz, who are also using a blockchain, for extra lolz; this is an idea so stupid that it even hit xkcd … Apple may be replacing the keyboard with a touchbar style screen in the future … and Jono discovers Public Enemy, thirty years later …

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