1×47: Box Of Frogs

1×47: Box Of Frogs

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Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which they battle through an army of gremlins and fail while it sounds like Jono has smoked ten packs of cigarettes:

  • 00:04:00 Reddit has been facing problems recently both in terms of management and views on freedom of speech. We delve into what is going on and what the future of Reddit might look like
  • 00:33:31 Bad Voltage Best Bits: a blast from the past where we blasted the Mars One project into space with a rocket made of cynicism and sarcasm
  • 00:43:07 Bad Voltage Best Bits: reminisce as we listen back to the quite righteous poetry competition in which the presenters demonstrate their literary aptitude (or not)

Also, we’re going to take questions. Send us a question you want to ask the team to [email protected]; it might be about something we’ve discussed on this show, or about anything else you want, and we’ll choose the best question and answer it in each show!

See details of Bad Voltage Live, in Fulda, Germany on September 30th 2015, at badvoltage.org/live, and go get your tickets to see the show!

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