1×12: Concerning Virtual Shower

Posted by on Friday, March 28, 2014 in Gaming, Politics, Religion, Reviews, Shows, Technology | 0 comments

Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Jono Bacon present a new minimal-Langridge-involved Bad Voltage, in which we discuss:

  • “Her”, the new Spike Jonze movie, has a man falling in love with a computer AI. Will AIs ever actually be our friends? What is love* and are computers capable of it? And will the Singularity happen?
  • The AquaAudio bluetooth shower speaker: is it any good? Also a great deal of completely-unjustified Stuart abuse
  • Brendan Eich has been appointed as CEO of Mozilla, and has in the past donated money to oppose gay marriage in California. Can a CEO’s personal life and work life be separated? Was the appointment a mistake by the Mozilla Corporation?
  • We interview Zohar Babin from Kaltura, an open-source-based video company about what they do and how open source fits in
  • What’s going on in the Bad Voltage community? Gaming Saturday on March 29th, Jono brags about having got a prediction right for the first time in his life, and Bryan still doesn’t know who Penelope Pitstop is

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