Listening Party

Next Listening Party: Every Thursday show day at 6pm UTC

Join us at the above time to listen to the latest show and discuss it with other Bad Voltage listeners!


How does this work?
Simple. Show up to this page at the date and time listed above. The latest show will be streamed and you and other listeners can listen to it together, discuss the show as it plays, and have fun!

What do a I need to join?
Just a supported web browser. Currently Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all work. Sorry, but Internet Explorer and Safari are not currently supported.

Is everyone hearing the same thing?
Yes. When you join the party, everyone is hearing the same party of the show.

How do I interact with other listeners?
Use the chat channel above to choose a nickname and log in and simply type. Everything you type will be seen by other listeners. You can also tweet to @badvoltage and it will appear in the Twitter timeline above.

I joined and the show has already started, how do I restart it?
This is a live-stream listening party, so sorry, the show has already started! We recommend getting here a few minutes before the start time so you can settle in.

How often does this happen?
Every time we release a new show which is every two weeks on a Thursday.

Do the presenters join the listening party?
Often they do, yes.

People in the chat channel are saying they can hear things I can’t. What is wrong?
If you have tuned into a listening party before, you may have some cached audio. Close your browser and re-join, and you should be fine.

I have more questions, where can I ask them?
Feel free to post to our Bad Voltage Community Forum.