Live Voltage SCALE 2017

Bad Voltage performed at SCALE in March 2017. Here’s the video, and the announcement! See the show details at show 2×05.

Original announcement


Join the Bad Voltage team for a fun and informative live show, packed with surprises, discussion, challenges, prizes, audience participation, and more.


Friday 3rd March 2017 at SCALE 15x in Pasadena, California, USA.

At Castle Green, come to watch BAD VOLTAGE LIVE and THE SPAZMATICS nerdocre 80s band!

Free Entry (including an open bar and free taco vans). See the BV live show at 8pm and the Spazmatics at 9.30pm!

Doors open at 6pm: arrive early to be sure of getting in!

Bad Voltage Live is open to all SCaLE attendees. If you haven’t booked your tickets for SCaLE yet, use code BVOLT for a special ticket discount!

Please note: this show will include some colorful language, as well as tortured metaphors, unjustified accusations of Free Software abandonment, and Jeremy being right about everything.

  • or the drink of your choice, of course

Big thanks to our sponsors, Linode and Ticketmaster, for helping us to put on the best and biggest live show in this or any other galaxy!







Previous live Bad Voltage shows

Bad Voltage have performed at SCaLE 13x, OpenNMS 2015, and SCaLE 14x. If you’d like the Bad Voltage live show at your conference as evening entertainment, contact us and we’ll have a chat!