3×19: We Have A Bit Of A Point

3×19: We Have A Bit Of A Point

Posted by on Thursday, December 17, 2020 in Design, Linux, News, Open Source, Shows, Technology | 0 comments

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we look back at 2×62, our predictions show from a year ago and see whether we correctly foresaw what happened in 2020, or… not. Also features SHAMELESS grovelling for points.

  • [00:02:07] Stuart on Slack purchases, CCPA convictions, ePrivacy, Epic, and drones
  • [00:22:20] Jono on Salesforce, quantum computing, colour Kindles, Canonical, the PS5, Facebook Spaces (again!) and Jack Dorsey
  • [00:43:10] Jeremy on EA and Blizzard, convergent devices, Uber Eats, and autonomous cars

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News music: Long Live Blind Joe by Robbero, used with attribution.

Thank you to Marius Quabeck and NerdZoom Media for being our audio producers!