1×14: Cloudy Donkey Mascots

Posted by on Thursday, April 24, 2014 in Open Source, Shows, Technology | 0 comments

Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which the cloud shows up a lot this week, in the following ways:

  • Personal cloud storage: what do we use, what do we like, and what do we think? Companies, personal clouds, servers, and Dropbox
  • Christian Schaller, who manages the team at Red Hat producing their “Fedora Workstation” concept, wrote up what “Workstation” is and now comes to answer questions about it
  • Breaking Down the Bullshit: we look at “the cloud” as a whole. What does it mean? And why?
  • Jeremy reviews the Pebble watch: as one of its original Kickstarter backers, he’s now had the Pebble for long enough to form an opinion
  • Community recap: your emails and forum posts and happenings in the Bad Voltage community

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