1×04: Fat Drone Backups

Posted by on Thursday, December 5, 2013 in Open Source, Religion, Shows, Technology |

Jeremy Garcia, Stuart Langridge, and Jono Bacon (Bryan Lunduke is unable to make it again, although we do of course hope that he recovers from whatever horrific disease he’s contracted) bring you:

  • Open Source Health: are the open source community more unhealthy than most? Perhaps the trend for health-related gadgets will save us
  • Review: Stuart talks about Ender’s Game, the film, the book, and the author
  • Chris Anderson, CEO of 3dRobotics, ex-editor of Wired, and author, talks about his current venture, creating pilotless autonomous “drones” and what they might mean for Amazon Prime Air, agriculture, and society at large – ask Chris your questions too here!
  • How do the team actually back up their stuff? Surprisingly, we all actually do (as should you), but how do we do it?
  • Your feedback: video podcasting, Bitcoin, new phone OSes, and pod love

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