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1×02: Thank God We’re Here

In the second episode of Bad Voltage, your hosts Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, and Bryan Lunduke bring you discussion, argument, and amusement on:

  • Are atheists the most smug and annoying people on the planet?
  • Review: Bryan talks about Google’s Chromecast digital media streaming adapter
  • Mozilla’s role in the world and their developer network. We interview Mozilla Head of Developer Engagement Stormy Peters
  • Apple released OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” free of charge: what prompted that? Does it affect open source OSes? The hosts weigh in
  • Our first letters segment where we read out your emails, feedback, dirty haikus, and more!

Remember, send us suggestions for who we should interview, what we should review, and what you’d like to hear us discuss. Drop us a line at show@badvoltage.org!

  • MercuryShadow

    Bryan: How exactly is saying that you have faith “for accuracy” any different from the smugness of a subset of the Internet’s atheists?

    • Bryan Lunduke


  • jaduncan

    I guess I can stop caring when they stop campaigning against equal human rights. As it is, there’s still a large set of Christians in the UK and US fighting against even allowing same sex couples to marry and the House is blocking ENDA protections against openly discriminating against/sacking LGBTI people just for who they are.

    Why shouldn’t those people be mocked, since they wish to deny basic human rights to people I love and respect?

    • Douglas Jenkins

      @ jaduncan …because some of us don’t discriminate, which is why I also don’t automatically assume an atheist intends evil. The fact is, most people of faith wish evil to be ended, and since some believe that same sex couples are living an evil life, they want to warn them. So for Christians they are doing good, however this same action is seen as evil by the atheist. We should be applauding each other for being consistent and seeking good…even though being at polar opposites to each other. For another example, standing for rights as a citizen of the US can be contradictory to responsibilities to God. We should be more aware of the tough choices which people have to make in their own lives. And remember, there can be a wide difference between an Episcopalian and a Westboro Baptist.

      Thanks to the Bad Voltage crew… another interesting program. In future shows, could you interview each other, in turn, so we can get a better understanding of each one’s expertise and passion?

      • jaduncan

        Sure, I think there’s a reasonable stance on both sides, and the Golden Rule is good philosophy no matter what your stance. But I think that one of the defining things about the internet is the tendency to react to the extremes of each argument. The noisy fill the room.

  • Oussama El-Rawas

    chromecast goes straight to YouTube. YouTube isn’t steamed from the phone/tablet. the only thing that uses that right now is the chrome tab mirroring (which uses webrtc)

    • Bryan Lunduke

      That’s a good point. A detail I totally forgot to make during the show.

  • Steve Barcomb

    Keeping in mind that I do not attend any regular religious practice and have not in many years. (I was raised Catholic / Episcopal) I would say I agree that many Atheists have become annoyingly smug. There are several interesting techies who I had followed on G+ that I eventually just dropped because it was just too annoying to read every other day some insult on religion / religious folks. They have become the intolerant fanatics of the Atheist religion. Equal to those that they mock. Having an opinion counter to someone else is fine. Mocking just because you think your superior is manifest ignorance.

  • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

    As I’m following and really interested in open-source, I like news/reviews/discussions about this lovely world. I think this episode was better than the previous and I hope you will do better next time. Sometimes you guys speak together, and well, it gets very difficult for me to understand. Also, there we need more music.

    I have something in my pocket Something to plug into the socket A socket to deliver a message The message to guys of Bad Voltage: I love you, just keep going I love your work, what you’re doing It’s the best podcast ever made Oh, I see, this became a serenade!

    :) Just to show my emotions! <3

  • Steven Garrity

    The segment about atheism was a good one. It was refreshing to hear a discussion of something that is generally not talked about in our industry (outside of reddit, at least).