1×01: Socially Awkward Headgear

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Gaming, Open Source, Shows, Social Media | 21 comments

Welcome to Bad Voltage! In this new podcast, your four hosts are Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, and Bryan Lunduke. We’ll be talking about technology, politics, the internet, music, open source, and things that interest us. We’ll interview people and review things. And be amusing along the way. In this, our first show, topics are:

We’d love to hear your feedback on this first show, and suggestions for who we should interview and what we should review. Drop us a line at show@badvoltage.org and you might even feature in our “Letters” segment in the next show in two weeks!

  • logen_kain

    So yea I was ready to share via diaspora, but no option. Twitter is now owned by evil, I’ve used Diaspora before google+ was a thing, and Facebook has always been bad.

    • Hidden Palm

      Really? I’m here because people posted this show on Diaspora.

      But I here you, there is no option on this website.

      • Bryan Lunduke

        Man. I need to hop on Diaspora and give it another shot. Need to find a good Android client…

  • Svetlana Belkin

    Comment about Cards Against Humanity. It would be cool if it was also cool if it was an online game for those who want to play online and on their own time.

    • logen_kain

      There we go, VIRTUAL Cards Against Humanity. Grab your glass and have a blast! (Now with more visuals)

  • stevepdp

    Having enjoyed LugRadio, Shot of Jaq, LAS and LQ in the past, it was a real surprise to hear you all coming back to the airwaves. This is like some sort of open-source podcasting superband!

    I’m excited! Keep them coming!

    • jonobacon

      Thanks for the kind words! We are excited about the show. :-)

    • Bryan Lunduke

      “Open-Source Podcasting Superband”. Awesome. Makes me feel like I’m one of the D.C. Super Friends. Not sure who I’d be. Tough call. I might call dibs on Aquaman.

      Either way, Stu is, without question, Wonder Woman.

      • Stuart Langridge

        Last survivor of a superior race bringing enlightenment? I can do that.

        Jeremy is Mighty Mouse. Jono… Commissioner Gordon :)

        • Bryan Lunduke

          With boobies. Last survivor of a superior race… WITH BOOBIES.

          For Jeremy and Jono I was thinking Wonder Twins.

          • jonobacon

            I hate you both. :-)

  • Hidden Palm

    How is Diaspora a copy of facebook? Its allot more like Tumblr if anything. But its completely different than facebook, in that it lacks groups, and other features besides all the creepy anti-privacy features. Its like Tumblr in that it has more capabilities than facebook when posting a post.

    But many good points were made as to why Diaspora hasnt gone to the mainstream. On the same token, we kind of enjoy that. It feels special, and its all about making new friends. It takes about a week of use, to really start enjoying Diaspora.

    Saying Diaspora is a “ghost-town” is not accurate. It takes about a week to add contacts to have a juicy feed in your stream. Its not going to happen in day one.

    An important point missed in this show, is the emerging market and the coming change if the “unamericanized world”, where numerous world leaders including the administrative institutions of the internet itself calling for a more “open source” and global internet.

    Many in the Diaspora community know this. We’re the future, everyone will come to terms with it, when they’re ready. Now their governments are pushing for it. .

    • darkcity darkcity

      The government in Brazil wants facebook to store the data it has on Brazilian citizens in data centers in the country. Keeping control of your data is one of the aims of Diaspora.

      I’m surprised Linux advocates would criticize something for not being mainstream. I mean why waste your time with a niche OS that has a tiny share of the market?

      • Hidden Palm

        Yeah, and some how mysteriously my post on how INSANELY EASY it is to join Diaspora got deleted.

        Perhaps Bad Voltage considered it spam? -_-

  • hairyback

    For a way to move around while using the Oculus Rift, you should take a look at the Virtuix omni. That is one combination I can’t wait to get my hands on.

  • Myles Fister

    Great show guys! Maybe a top 5 news run down or something like that would be a great way to start the show. One point of advice is please don’t feel the need to get in the middle of this distro war bs that seems to be plaguing a lot of other casts right now. Looking forward to 1×02!!!

  • http://twitter.com/nathanpc Nathan Campos

    Loved the new show. It’s great to hear your voices again!

  • Fredo

    You guys mentioned Reddit, and you said it “probably wasn’t open source”. It is. It really, really is. Reddit makes money off of Reddit Gold, and they allow anyone to contribute to the source of the website. In /r/Programming and other places like that, they actually like to bitch about the algorithms used for upvotes and downvotes. In fact, if you do contribute to the website, and link your github account to your Reddit account, you can get a little badge on your Reddit profile, “Open Sourcerer”

  • Myles Fister

    When does episode 1×02 come out?

    • jonobacon

      Thursday. :-)

  • JoshP

    Great show! Its great to see Bryan Lunduke on a podcast again. Looking forward to more episodes.